"Tell Me That Things Will Be Okay"

I’m still so confused about my crush. I can’t understand what he’s trying to do. He teases me a lot, and I’ve heard that’s a sign that a guy likes you, but I dunno… I always feel like I annoy the heck out of him, but I guess I must not because why else does he still put up with me?

Ahhhhh! It’s times like these that I wish I meet someone else, and see if my crush is even worth it!

3-1-12 If I had a bat in my hand, I’d smack all the annoying people I’m around 

My little sisters good friend goes to my school now ‘cause she’s a freshie this year, and she’s become my friend too. When I started talking to her, I thought she was pretty cool, and I could start to understand how my sister would be her friend and whatnot. However, shortly after I met her, I began to get a weird feeling about her. She’s a sweet girl and all, but she has a bad tendancy of being REALLY annoying! For one, she’s really loud, and two, she ALWAYS wants to talk to me. I’m a pretty sociable person, so I’ll talk to her (and plus, I’m a real nice person, so Im not one to tell her to shut the heck up). But this girl is seriously making me want to just slap her. She (for some freaking bizarre reason) wants to meet my crush, and I don’t know why the heck she wants to (she probably likes him or something). And today on the bus, apparently my bestie stole this stupid girl’s seat (which is the seat I sit in). When we had gotten to the first bus stop, this girl sat in front of me and, all quietly, said that I had ignored her or something. So I asked her what she meant, and she shifted her eyes over to my bestie. So, I played stupid and told her I had no idea what she was talking about, and ignored her the rest of the way to our stop. How does she think she is? One: that seat isn’t reserved for her. And two: my bestfriend will ALWAYS sit next to me unless she is staying after school, or if she wants to sit with one of my other friends. The only time I sit with this girl is if she gets on the bus in the morning before and saves me a seat. Other than that, HECK NO!!! This girl seriously knows how to tick. me. off! (it’s times like these that I should invest in a diary, so I don’t bug my poor followers on here. Sorry guys, I just had to rant a bit -_-)